You are Running Out of Time! Quickly Upgrade Dynamics GP to BC!

The world is changing, and so is technology. Every year, in one way or another, some new technology pops up and outshines the old one. Have you ever thought that the technology you work with for more than a decade may become obsolete soon? Microsoft GP is a robust ERP system ideal for businesses that have outgrown their legacy software. Despite providing robust tools, scalability of SaaS, and the most reliable brand name, it still cannot beat its upgraded version i.e., Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central. Therefore, it has now become more of a necessity to leave the old behind and embrace Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade.  

Why Can’t Dynamics GP be as Efficient as You Need? 

Many businesses are still skeptical about moving to the Cloud. They don’t trust the security and efficiency it brings. Moreover, many have moved from using QuickBooks to GP due to its better financial management capabilities. Its users appreciate how it can record multiple transactions, at least one-time thanks to GAAP capabilities. However, they need to understand that this technology will soon become outdated. Furthermore, being an on-premises technology is costing you a lot more than it would if you were on the cloud. You must employ a dedicated team of IT experts for its maintenance and upgrades.  

Another reason for Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade is that it is not compatible with all small businesses. It depends on where you are in your business cycle. It typically overwhelms the users with various reporting options. You can indeed find the best one for you but that becomes challenging when you have a ton of options available that are too much to take for a small business. In addition, it doesn’t even have an intuitive interface which results in more training time.  

But one of the major reasons for GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade is the end of its support in 2023: mainstream support for many versions has already ended and the latest version is about to end in 2023. Therefore, you can no longer get upgrades, patches, and statutory compliances.  

To avoid any issues, it’s best to Upgrade Dynamics GP to Business Central ASAP! 

What Can Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade Provide for Your Business? 

Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade can give you access to all the latest features you need to thrive in the market. Reinforced with Microsoft Azure Cloud itself, it provides security and agility to your business operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a CRM and ERP on the same platform hosted on and by Azure. It is suitable for SMEs and Enterprise level businesses as well. Furthermore, it guarantees the following features: 

Robust Integrations to Ease Your Operations 

As soon as you get a Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, you can integrate your system with third-party solutions, Office 365, Power Platforms, and so on. If you don’t need these integrations, you can instead create a solution for yourself using its development environment. It can further integrate with other D365 solutions like sales, HR, and customer service. Whereas in GP, you can still integrate Power BI and CRM features, but only after paying extra for it.  

High-end Maintenance and Security 

After upgrading GP to Dynamics 365, you no longer have to employ a dedicated team for its maintenance and upgrading. You can rest assured about its security: Microsoft engages a full-fledged team of IT experts to take care of it. Since all your data is stored in a single data center, you can access the information needed anytime you want. Your business data becomes hack-proof and is backed up on the secured cloud.  

Excellent Reporting Options  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides the best reporting options than any of the previous versions. It supports Power BI, which increases the horizon of efficient reporting. It extracts data from different sources and provides insightful reports necessary for making crucial decisions. Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade allows you to customize dashboards, analyze data and generate reports. 


With Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade, you will automatically get updates. Since D365 BC is a cloud-based platform, you can get fixes, enhancements, and updates automatically. The best part is you do not have to engage a dedicated team to manage them. Microsoft will take care of it instead. The same thing becomes tough with on-premises solutions; it costs more money and time. 

Flexible Subscription 

Moving from an on-premises to the cloud can be quite challenging for some people, due to various reasons. It changes how your ERP is priced and both Business Central and Great Plains follow a certain pricing system. When you are on a D365 GP, you will have to pay an upfront cost. Whereas, in Microsoft Business Central, you can pay in monthly subscriptions. This further means, you can add or remove users as per your need. 

Businesses need to walk hand in hand with technology. Not doing so, can push them back in the row. There is a reason why Dynamics GP to Business Central Upgrade is encouraged so much. You can get better financial management, ERP, reporting, customer relationship management, and so on with Business Central. If you are looking for an implementation partner, you can contact Trident Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner, and LS Central Diamond Partner.