Bind Customers to your Retail Business with LS Retail  

Have you ever wondered how some retailers manage to bind customers to their business and some do not? Suitable ERP Software for Retailers and a hint of creativity are the secret ingredients. They optimize its tools and complement them with innovative strategies. However, if you are not creative enough, it is no issue at all. LS Retail ERP alone can provide a robust platform holding a plethora of customer-compelling tools and functionalities.  

Retail businesses run on low-profit margins, face massive competition, and are in desperate need of ERP Software for Retailers. Those who run disparate systems like separate Customer Management System, billing software, Inventory Management Software, etc. are prone to face more downtimes than those who prefer a unified Retail Management Software like LS Retail Software Solution.  

Having a disconnected CRM Software for Retail is not very effective during a cutthroat competitive era, where your competition is upgrading their technological approach. Such retailers commonly come across some general issues such as:  

  • Overstocking and understocking.  
  • Redundancy issues.  
  • Imbalanced balance sheet.  
  • Inability to cope with a sudden customer preference change.  
  • Poor strategies and rigidity.  
  • Lack of enough data while creating loyalty programs.  

LS Retail ERP abolishes most of the factors hindering a successful customer relationship, it uses Power BI (Business Intelligence) to collect data and creates real-time reports which help understand customers better. Create successful loyalty programs, deals, offers, and coupons based on the information given.  

How does ERP Software for Retailers Help Connecting with Your Customers? 

ERP, like LS Retail Software Solutions, extracts customer data from every touchpoint, compiles data, and generates insightful and visually appealing customer reports. 

In addition, you can:  

  • Offer secure and contactless payment options. 
  • Align replenishment to the actual demand and trends.  
  • Allow customers to check real-time product availability.  
  • Enable self-service shopping and checkout options.  

Customized Deals and Offers  

Having deals and offers customized for your customers helps form a special bond with them. With Power BI you can get reports on just the information you need, through which you can segregate customers into different segments according to their preferences. You can either create individual offers or group-oriented loyalty programs. It usually compels customers to think it over and form an emotional bond with a particular company or a brand.  

Display Relevant Item Suggestions on E-commerce Platforms 

This CRM for Ecommerce, using artificial intelligence, looks through the customer’s history and understands their pattern, then it customizes a list of products for your customers  

Which might grab their interest. Besides increasing cross-selling and upselling, it can make some customers subconsciously feel cared for and drive them to visit your site more often.  

Self-Check-out Services 

With more and more dependency on technology, customers are becoming increasingly impatient. No customer likes waiting in long queues with a bunch of items. Offering self-service and self-checkout options busts frustrating queues and clears up the floor space. Customers hop back to stores with more convenience than those who lack it. 

Easy Product Purchase or Return Either Online or Offline  

To gain customers’ trust it is mandatory to ensure an easy return policy, either online or offline. A customer will feel confident enough to purchase a product from your shop if they are provided with a convenient return facility. With this ERP Software for Retailers, you can easily provide easy purchase returns either online or offline 

Word of Mouth Attracts and Binds New Customers  

Keeping your customers satisfied helps attract new customers into your business through one of the most effective promotional techniques i.e., word of mouth (WOM). When a customer is happy with your services, he is most likely to refer your store to his friends and family. It does not take too long for new customers to build trust in your brand too.  

How to Pick the Right Vendor? 

LS Retail Software Solution is indeed one of the best ERP Software for Retailers. However, it is crucial to choose the right LS Retail ERP Implementation Partner from the pool of LS Retail ERP Vendors. Make sure the vendor you select has a robust track record and enough resources to support you during downtime. Make sure the partner provides 24/7 LS Central Support.  

Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner with 20+ years of experience and a robust track of accomplishments. Our team of experts delivers 24/7 support. Contact us for further information or a demonstration.