How to Choose the Right Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner?

As soon as a business starts searching for an ERP, choosing the right software seems to be the hardest task of all. However, this is never the case with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it is choosing the right Microsoft D365 Partners that can be tricky. Instead, choosing Microsoft Dynamics is the wisest choice you can make. There are still certain upgrades the user might have to make such as NAV to BC Upgrade, and AX to D365 Upgrade as Microsoft completely focuses on the development of those upgrades while leading a business to a more flexible, scalable, and ROI oriented platform.  

For more than four decades, Microsoft Dynamics has been an Industry pioneer for CRM, ERP, and sales solutions. It has become the top choice of every senior-level executive including CFOs and IT Directors, who choose a trustworthy and suitable system and for a good reason. Microsoft ensures a rich set of features, seamless integration with other applications, and a unified user experience.  

Despite all this, choosing the right Microsoft D365 Partners can be the hardest as it is critical to the project’s success and substantially impacts the rollouts. Every partner provides a different level of support even though the end game seems to be the same.  

An ideal implementation partner ensures your project stays on budget, on track and consists of all the key aspects to help you achieve your organizational goals. The right will play a major role in providing your operational excellence while also letting you leverage perks of extensive training, seamless execution, and excellent support.  

We have prepared a checklist of factors every business should evaluate while choosing an implementation partner.  

Partner’s Competency  

Microsoft categorizes its partners according to their competency in the Microsoft Certification Program. They are segmented into three groups – Gold, Silver, and Member. The segmentation is determined by the number and size of deals they have successfully annually implemented by the service providers. When you are choosing a partner make sure you consider its competency.  

Industry Experience  

One of the most important factors that play a massive role in the decision-making process is your preferred partner’s industry experience. Make sure the partner has enough experience in your industry because it facilitates rapid implementation.  

Look for a partner who is enthusiastic enough to evaluate your unique requirements, pain points, and industry as a whole. Ask for a client’s testimonials and references. A partner who has enjoyed a long-term association with satisfied customers is the one you need to look out for.  

Previous Record and Project Implementation  

Look for the number of projects a Microsoft Dynamics365 service provider has successfully deployed and examine their competency. Also, ask them to share the relevant information on their figures and statistics demonstrating their success rates. Try to calculate the project scope and scale undertaken by your partner.  

If your enterprise is established in multiple countries, it can be highly beneficial to have a partner dealing with customers globally, dealing with multiple countries, and global rollouts.  

Clear and Transparent Communication  

Open and transparent communication is the key to any successful business. Quick responsiveness and clarity are important aspects to take care of while choosing an implementation partner. Stakeholders need to be honest about their deadlines, expectations, and requirements.  

Deep Insights into the Ecosystem and Integrations 

Even though Dynamics365 ensures rich CRM and ERP functionalities, these features are required to be integrated with an upward and downward IT system. Having a service provider with in-depth knowledge about these components can deploy solutions better than those having limited knowledge about the same.  

Support Structure  

Implementation is just the beginning. What about the training, before, during, and after deployment? Do they deliver support to keep your process opti