Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant

Why Does Analytics Play a Huge Role in the Journey of a Restaurant’s CIO?

Restaurants that fear changes cannot make it too far in the competition. The past few years have taught every industry the importance of speed and agility for survival. Restaurant industries are fast-paced, and a little slowdown can end up collapsing massive profit-earning opportunities for them. With unexpected lockdowns, staff shortages, and a lack of ingredients, many restaurants reached the verge of shutting down in the past. Only those with a Unified Restaurant Management System, like Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant, had enough resources to keep them surviving and innovating new ideas to make a profit even during the most hopeless hours. They could do it with the agile analytics that LS Retail Restaurant Software offers. 

There are still many food service businesses that fear changes; they dread the complications that hang around the process, and therefore, choose to work in silos. Little do they realize how many steps it pushes them back and we are not even talking about the uncertain threats they cannot see.  

Traditional technology often fails to support agile methods. It is time to introduce a digital transformation into your restaurant and invest in reliable Intelligence technology. As per a study by IDC, companies that focus their digital transformation on intelligence technology boost their productivity, earn 8 times more revenue, and drive twice cost efficiency as compared to a non-digitally transformed restaurant.  

How Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant Benefits Your Restaurant Business? 

With the latest technology driven by intelligence, it does not demand a team of data scientists to bring market analytics. Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant is an AI and Intelligence based unified Hospitality Management Solution that provides the following benefits:  

Find the Relevant Patterns  

Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant provides detailed insights into your market where you can notice patterns and plan strategies accordingly. You can notice that a particular mall in your downtown location sells more wine than beer. Or people in a certain area look for a particular restaurant during a rainy day. Noticing patterns like these can change the whole game. You will make strategies more consciously keeping such information as the base. Also, with historical consumption patterns, you can predict how much you can sell in the next week. 

Optimized Inventory Ordering While Cutting Waste 

With agile intelligence, you can record and notice your previous ingredient management pattern and find methods to minimize waste. Maybe you know that from the past few times, your tomato sauce is in excess and ends up in a can. Or you may see that customers are not finishing the red wine and it’s getting wasted. Waste cannot be eliminated but minimized. Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant helps you do just that. With robust analytics and real-time visibility, you can easily minimize costs and add to your profit margin.  

Manage Stock Usage and Distribution  

Managing stock and distributing it throughout your chains is not as easy as it sounds. Distributing inventory across different locations needs strategic planning where the response from customers has already been observed. For instance, you can distribute more pork sausages in your Rochester chain where customers choose it for breakfast, and chicken wings in Syracuse for lunch. The vigor of a plan entirely depends upon the accuracy of the information they can access. Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant fosters robust business intelligence tools such as Power BI. Since the data is stored in a single source of truth, it extracts information from multiple sources and turns them into actionable reports.  

Design an Impactful Menu  

Have you noticed some dishes on your menu are very costly to make and are not even popular among customers? If they can’t provide you with healthy margins, cut them off from your menu. With deep insights into the customer, you can see how your menu is performing. Study customer feedback and try adding more variations in the most liked meals. You can launch special offers where you may sell free fries with peri-peri chicken wings. Or you may cross-sell dishes as well. Make exciting combinations of different dishes and form a meal. Insights allow exponential opportunities to make good variations in your existing menu. 

If you are looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics for Restaurant, you must contact a Microsoft Restaurant ERP Software Implementation Partner. Your partner must have a robust track of accomplishments and robust resources to manage your restaurant needs. Trident is a D365 Gold Implementation Partner and LS Retail Diamond Partner. With 22+ years of experience, we have acquired a massive clientage and maximum customer retention rate. Our team of experts ensures your Restaurant Application keep working with their 24/7 support. Contact us for further information.