How can Restaurants Create Attractive Menus? 

Have you ever wondered why a customer of yours only orders a specific dish and ignores others? Did they decide before if they wanted to have fried chicken with mayonnaise before walking into your restaurant? Was there something else that drove them to choose what they did? Yours Restaurant Management System plays a critical role in influencing your customers. Your Restaurant ERP System helps decide on a menu. A BI-oriented Restaurant CRM Software can help you understand your customers and identify popular dishes in a certain area. This is a huge advantage when creating a menu. Be cautious while selecting the right Restaurant Software Companies. One wrong decision can tie you down for up to five years and may supply a low ROI.  

Customers tend to look at the menu for merely a few seconds. If it is effectively tailored, you can witness whooping sales and margin. Transform your menu from a simple and stale price list to an eye-catching marketing tool.  

We have compiled a few tips to effectively give your menu a new lease of life ensuring it fulfils your customers’ and business needs.  

Go Digital with a Restaurant Management System  

The fundamental tip is to use suitable Restaurant Management Software, preferably a unified ERP and CRM. LS Retail is one of the most famous examples of a unified ERP and CRM. It also works on Power BI providing insightful business and market details. These details also specify meals that are in most demand area-wise. It is an incredible tool that helps spot opportunities to boost sales and profit margin.  

Scale Down Your Menu  

According to the UN National Restaurant Association’s report, many restaurants scaled back their menu at the peak of the pandemic. They axed complex dishes and only simple to make dishes were offered which could be prepared by lesser staff. This way they could cut their inventory requirements and ensure their staff’s potential could be maximized. Most of them utilized their Restaurant Management System to the 

In many ways cutting down menus and shredding out less successful items is a logical step. If you keep more items on your list, you will need more inventory at hand which adds costs. Suitable Software for Restaurant Management provides robust inventory management tools, so you live to track and plan your inventory accordingly. Moreover, you may not be able to maintain the same quality throughout all the dishes, which will end up slowing down your pace.  

Giving your customers too much time to think encourages them to take more time in deciding what they want. It is a clever idea to add only popular dishes and meals to your menu. Restaurant POS Software can help you identify the popular dishes.  

Spot Your Most Famous Dishes 

How much you manage to persuade your customers depends on how well you organize your menu. According to William Poundstone’s book Priceless, he described how restaurants list their high profit and expensive dishes on the top right corner of the menu to catch the customer’s eye and make them think of other items displayed as cheaper options. Also, using a Restaurant Management ERP will help you with spotting the famous dishes so you can plan further accordingly. 

Boxes are another eye-catcher. Those items are boxed that the chef wants to sell, and people tend to purchase them at the same time. Boxes in assorted sizes promote a sense of flexibility among the buyers. They think they save money if they purchase the smaller size. In addition to it, you can also utilize colors to your benefit. For instance, the color red is used in limits to catch the eye of high-margin items. Orange stimulates appetite, whereas brown gives out an earthly vibe. With a Restaurant Management System, you can easily segment your menu using favorable colors.  

Highlight Food, Instead of the Price  

A scientist at Stanford University found that people are more likely to choose a less demanded, healthier option such as vegetable sides if they are given a more elaborated description. On the other hand, labels such as “twisted citrus glazed carrots,” attract more of their attention than a healthy vegetable side.  

Similarly, you can also successfully justify the price tag of more expensive items. Diners will be more inclined to your expensive mutton curry if you manage to justify how premium it is prepared using top-grade ingredients. With a Restaurant ERP Solution, your customers can view such details on a POS device. It becomes easier to incline them toward a more expensive device with a Restaurant Management System.  

LS Retail is a unified Restaurant Management System that helps restaurants manage their inventory and plan their menu. It is also easier to serve customers, and with insightful reports, successful strategies are on their way to implementation. If you are looking to implement LS Central and need a demonstration, Contact Trident.