ERP for Electronics Manufacturing

Overcome Hi-tech and Electronics Manufacturing Challenges with Dynamics 365 

With rapid digital evolution, electronic items become obsolete very quickly. Hence manufacturers need suitable support to survive the cutthroat competition. Many top brands prefer ERP for Electronics Manufacturing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most renowned ERP Software for Manufacturing.  

With the introduction of new products, older versions keep getting obsolete. Nowadays, 4K technology is in trend. People demand more 4K TVs. This trend is assumed to continue as 4K TVs are affordable. 

Another technology that has conquered the market is voice-controlled assistance, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google home assistance, and Apple’s Siri. This trend too is assumed to continue as manufacturers imbed this feature into their production.  

And finally, wearables are in a boom, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, GPS trackers, and so on, to track your fitness goals. This trend is also likely to continue as new companies are entering the market with this already available knowledge. They know what their customers want, and this is what makes the whole competition exciting.  

However, despite being surrounded by new technologies, many hi-tech manufacturers tend to use multiple Electronics Manufacturing Software Solutions to manage their business operations which causes operational disruptions like:  

Inability to Cope with Rapidly Changing Technology  

This is one of the hectic challenges in the hi-tech manufacturing industry; technology is evolving faster than ever. Due to this, it is getting hard to keep up with the ever-evolving customer demands. Manufacturers need a robust ERP for Electronics Manufacturing that will keep them updated with the ongoing trends. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Hi-tech Manufacturing uses robust predictive analysis and forecasts accurate demands. Hence, they match the ongoing trends in the market.  

Short Product Life Cycle 

Another major challenge faced by manufacturers is managing the product life cycle that is getting shorter than ever. Due to the rapid evolution, products become obsolete pretty quickly. Most manufacturers often work on siloes, which makes it hard to track each item’s lifecycle. However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can accurately track your product lifecycle. It will notify you when your product is about to become obsolete so you can manufacture electronic items accordingly.  

Cutthroat Competition  

The consumer electronics manufacturing industry indulges in cutthroat competition. New businesses constantly emerge in this industry with prior knowledge, making it hard for brands to stand out in the crowd. With D365 ERP for electronics manufacturing, you can easily understand market trends with real-time reports and suggestions. To stand out it is important to understand the market and find the gaps. Fill those gaps and come up with unique features. For instance, Google rolled out a new update in wearOS watches where the users can now stream YouTube without phones.  

Difficulties in Tracking Assets 

There could be a lot of difficulties in asset tracking and maintenance tracking such as handling RFID tags and getting product condition updates before manufacturing. These things need to be dealt with carefully. Since the Hi-tech and electronics industry deals with various components, their costs have a direct impact on the final product. Therefore, controlling costs becomes mandatory if you want a greater profit margin. With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Implementation, you can easily track your assets and maintenance. Store them accordingly and find suitable vendors to manage pricing. Microsoft ERP for Supply Chain ensures notifications when maintenance time is near. You never have to worry about asset and maintenance tracking.  

Tracking Logistics and Transportation  

Logistics management is something manufacturers find difficult. With different vehicles, managing maintenance, tracking locations, tracking driver’s history, etc. cannot be done with disparate systems. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Transport and Logistics comes into place. This Fleet Management Software ensures  

Legal Compliance 

A leading product company may have chains in different countries, each county will have different legal demands. This is something businesses cannot ignore, or they can get into legal troubles. Sometimes their system processes such requirements. However, Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain adjusts you to the local legislative requirements. The best part is that you can easily work with different currencies as well.  

How Dynamics 365 ERP for Electronics Manufacturing Ensures High-end Security? 

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 products (including ERP for Electronics Manufacturing) are hosted on and by Microsoft Azure. Azure is the largest public cloud provider in the world. It is operated from more than 100 protected Microsoft data centers across the globe, and every data center is protected with multi-level security. It ranges from 24×7 video surveillance to physical security such as locked servers, and physical layers.  

Then there comes the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center, which is a cyber security facility built to protect cloud infrastructure. It has 3,500 cybersecurity experts working every minute of the day for 365 days to detect, protect and respond to threats in real-time.  

Bottom Line  

If you are running your hi-tech and electronics manufacturing on disparate systems, you need to shift to an ERP for Electronics Manufacturing ASAP. Technological development is at its peak and the competition is cutthroat. Because of this, you need to be on the latest technology. If you are looking to implement Dynamics 365, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. With a Robust track of accomplishments, we have managed to acquire a strong clientage over a span of 22+ years. If interested, you can Contact Us anytime, any day, and at any hour.