Why Do You Need a Unified Commerce Solution to Boost Sales and Customer Services?  

Boost sales and customer services with the help of Unified Retail Management Software. With LS Retail ERP Software you can understand your customer psychology and make sales strategies accordingly. Get greater visibility and make more effective marketing campaigns to attract more customers. 

A modern Retail ERP Software works as a Unified Retail Management Software, helping to avoid the downsides of patchwork. Such solutions integrate multiple departments within the same environment and help businesses build solid foundations. 

Optimizing multiple software solutions can be a pain, such as building complexities with IT. It can hamper your management and drain resources. Therefore, your finances are engaged in doing the technical patchwork and keeping your staff tied up.  

As for data management, it gets quite hard to take care of data throughout multiple software systems. It is complicated to manage your data as the system allows it, different software follows different patterns. Hence, you are all entangled with multiple software management formats 

While using multiple software systems, financial reporting becomes a real pain. Data extraction followed by data standardization of calculation and formulae into a single accounting template from different applications, sub-ledgers, and transactions is not ideally recommended.  

It is complicated to extract data from a soiled database and when these databases do not coordinate, it hampers your efficiency to improve and enhance. Failing to share the required document throughout the departments can become a potential threat to the overall productivity of your organization.  

Boost Sales and Customer Services with a Unified Commerce Solution: LS Central.  

You need the right Retail ERP Software, effective customer service, and excellent quality products. LS Central being a Unified Retail Management Software commerce solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. It is easier for the retailers to meet exceeding customer demands for exceptional services.  

This is how LS Central helps to boost profit and customer services:  

Centralized Control  

As Unified Retail Management Software, LS Central incorporates your overall business from back to front, POS, ERP, inventory, sales, promotions, and offers. The data drawn from the key areas are combined on the same platform while ensuring centralized control of the retailer. You no longer have to move your data from ERP to eCommerce/ in-store or you need to import files: the system automatically takes care of it.   

Effective Customer Service  

With LS central, draw customers back and get repeated business, allowing secure and contrasting payments. Compare replenishments with the real market demands, allowing customers to check real-time stock availability. Integrate customer shopping data and use their preferences to personalize interactions. Allows self-service shopping and checkouts. Give the first hand to customers to return your products online or in-store as per their preferences. Allowing one on one appointments, consultations, and personalized services.   

Loyalty Programs  

Loyalty programs can boost your sales like magic. Having an insight into your customer preferences and their spending pattern, you can utilize that data to generate exclusive offers, discounts, and other schemes to lure customers in. As the name suggests, these programs ensure customer loyalty and contentment with your services.   


Deliver an out-of-the-world shopping experience, also encourage your customers to invest their loyalty and engagement both in-store and online. Allow them to create and maintain shopping lists, address personalized offers straight on their phones. Boost brand awareness and customer retention hand in hand via the omnichannel. Compute customer data, profiles, and spending patterns to create business strategies. 


With M-POS, retailers and merchants can accept various payment methods on their phones. Additionally, you get value-added services that help with your business productivity. You can make card payments, online payments, and cash withdrawals and wallets, etc. It is another method to track customer data and use it for your benefit. Only a few companies offer a comprehensive solution to accept payment with the M-POS.  

Unified Data  

To get a holistic view of the customer experience, you need to adopt a Unified Retail Management Software as Retail CRM Software, containing everything from the contact center, website data, sales information, and marketing information and analysis on everything touched by your customers. With LS Central get an overview of your business via a centralized platform bringing all the necessary data within the same environment. Make better decisions with the bigger picture now available.   

Final Words  

A Unified Retail Management Software solution like LS Retail can help you boost sales and get delighted customers. We recommend researching through Retail ERP Software and finding a suitable LS Retail Implementation Partner. Trident Information Systems is a Gold LS Retail partner and earned experience of over 22+ years. Armed with 150+ technical resources, we have successfully served multiple businesses.