ERP for Transportation

Does Your Current Technology Streamline Your Transportation & Logistics Business Functionalities?

Your technology is responsible for how your transportation and logistics operations are carried out. The best ERP for Transportation would refer to strategies for optimizing your resources and getting the delivery done in the minimum time. Route planning, vehicle maintenance, and settlement of advances are other aspects of good transportation management technology.  

The covid-19 outbreak in 2020 disrupted the logistics industry with a good deal of challenges across the globe. However, one thing that is common among all is their solution i.e., supply chain resilience. Good Supply Chain Management Software beats abrupt hindrances keeping your business healthy.  

What Are the Challenges of Transportation and the Logistic Management Systems In 2021? 

2020 COVID-19 outbreak unveiled supply chain shortcomings. This situation has encouraged logistic stakeholders to pay more attention to supply chain resilience and question their remedial plans. However, traditional ERP For Transportation may face the following issues:    \

Incompetent Route Management  

Your order delivery duration may suffer due to inefficient route management. It can also lead to engine idling, increased driving period, and a towering vehicle maintenance cost. 

Declined Vehicle Capacity Utilization   

It is one of the most general limitations of traditional logistics management systems. Your team computes the vehicle details and analyzes its capacity, this method is subject to a good deal of errors. Softwares like Dynamics 365 for logistics offers just the right features to deal with the same.  

Consignment Tracking Inefficiencies  

To get your consignment status, your traditional transportation system may use a team to make hundreds of calls in a day. It is too much time taking and exhausting, instead it is recommended to invest your funds in a suitable ERP For Transportation. 

Increased Transportation Costs  

Manual order allocation, route planning, vehicle maintenance, increased drive period, and similar activities may need a lot of workforce, resulting in increased transportation costs. Not utilizing your current vehicle capacity may lead to purchasing a new vehicle and increased expenses.   

Late Deliveries  

Lack of resource optimization may lead to late deliveries and the loss of clients. It can severely impact the business’s goodwill and branding. It is important to adopt the latest ERP For Transportation like Trident ERP for Transport and Logistics.  

How Can Trident ERP For Transportation and Logistics Help You Overcome Logistics Challenges? 

Trident is one of the best ERP For Transportation and Logistics providers backed up by Microsoft itself. Having all the necessities like Rout Planning, vehicle management, Advances, Trip settlements, real-time GPS fleet tracking, and much more within the same platform not only saves you time but financial assets as well. Connect with Trident’s Fleet Management Software and get entitled to the following perks:   

Cut Fleet Running costs  

Having techniques like bundling, cross-docking, and continuous moves being packed together can check on your fleet running and maintenance costs and avail you of optimum fleet utilization.    

Manage the Entire Warehouse in One Click   

Trident ERP For Transportation and Logistics provides the best warehouse management software solution across the globe. Having real-time warehouse data at hand encourages more meaningful decisions than ever.   

Managing Drivers  

Our software automatically tracks driving behavior, locations, activities, license, driving hours, and any violation of conduct swimmingly. Therefore, you can claim a more polished outcome without spending too much time and money on your workforce.  

Cut Overall Costs and Increase Profit Margin  

Spending less time, effort, and assets on activities like getting consignment status, tracking drivers’ information and route management cuts costs and adds up to your profit margin.   

 Optimally Utilize Vehicle Capacity  

Having suitable strategies ready, you get just the right method to optimally utilize your vehicle capacities and cut unnecessary costs.   

 Schedule And Plan Trips with Live Road Tracking  

Get hold of certain waypoints and instructions to create trips. Schedule journeys and pick the best routes with the least traffic.   

 Track Vehicles  

Track your vehicle’s current location, route history, speed, site visits, and driving behavior in one click. Get real-time updates on traffic via email and text messages.   

Our Final Words  

Transportation and logistics businesses may stumble upon various seen and unseen challenges, especially after the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. However, the solution is simple; Supply Chain Resilience. Trident is Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. Our ERP For Transportation and Logistics provides one of the finest Fleet Management Software, backed up by Microsoft itself. Trident services entitle you to excellent decisions, live road and vehicle tracking, maximum vehicle capacity use, and much more within the same platform. Contact us for more information or demo services.